Terms and Conditions

1. All Charges are limited in the current BristolExecutiveCars.com tariff and are payable in advance except where the hirer has either an approved credit account or a credit card approved by the company.

2. Value added tax will be payable at the appropriate rate on all charges.

3. All hires commence when the car leaves the garage and terminate when the car returns to the garage.

4. Every endeavor will be made for the hirer to retain the same vehicle and driver for the duration of the hire period, however, the company reserves the right to substitute any other driver or vehicle if the need should arise.

5. The driver will drive at reasonable speeds according to his/her judgement of road/traffic conditions at that time, and shall not be obliged to drive in a manner other than which his/her discretion deems appropriate.

6. The company accept no responsibility for delays no matter how caused.

7. Nobody other than a company employee may drive the company’s vehicles unless those vehicles be the subject of a specific self-drive agreement.

8. When a hirer wishes to travel to a specific place, the driver will, unless given specific instructions by the company, travel by the route which is, in his/her opinion, the best and most convenient for motoring whether that route is the shortest or not. No allowance will be made to the hirer on the grounds that the route travelled is not the shortest or the quickest

9. A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger luggage is allowed, but if in the drivers opinion the amount of luggage is excessive, either by weight or in terms of size, he/she has the right to decline to carry it.

10. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused to any luggage or property carried on the vehicle howsoever such loss or damage is caused.

11. In the event of a cancellation of a pre-booking within 48hrs of the booking 50% of original charge will be incurred .

12. In the event of a cancellation of a booking made within 24hrs of the booking, or after the car has been dispatched from the garage, the hirer will be liable to pay either the minimum charge or a charge equal to the time and mileage actually covered by the vehicle by the time that the vehicle returns to the garage.

Should you require further information regarding our terms and conditions please call 0117 9391122

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